ColorBack Solvent Base Sealer

ColorBack Solvent Base Sealer

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ColorBack Sealer is a high-quality xylene based acrylic sealer designed to protect and beautify concrete and paver driveways, walkways, pool decks and patio decks.   

ColorBack Sealer will protect against ultraviolet fading, mildew formation, surface degradation and efflorescence whitening.  It provides a brilliant sheen and a richness of color unmatched by any other paver sealer on the market. Non-skid additives may be added to COLORBACK SEALER for slip resistant.

Product Options and Characteristics 

 Brand: Acrylux
Sealer Base: Solvent base
Number of Gallons 1 or 5
Appearance Wet Look or Wet Look/Gloss*

 * Wet Look/Gloss provides greater shine on the wet look appearance. 

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